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Try it out and let me know what you think

Posted by KamranS. on Nov 7, 2010 4:59:57 PM

It’s been an interesting week for Silverlight given the coverage and interpretation of Bob Muglia’s comments on HTML 5 at the Microsoft PDC and the subsequent re-framing from Bob Muglia and also Scott Guthrie. So hot on the heals of all the Silverlight/HTML5 hoopla we’re releasing the LabVIEW Web UI Builder, a Silverlight based graphical programming editor that creates Silverlight user interfaces! It’ll be “officially” released on Monday but is live today. You can see some previews of the types of applications you can create here and on the UI Builder page.

Heartrate Rate Monitor Sample

Windmill Monitor Simulation Sample

You can try the UI Builder out today, I really do mean today, since it’s a web hosted development environment. You can try its full functionality using your browser, even store your files on-line, for  …. well as long as you want to for now. I know our teams would love to hear your feedback so feel free to comment on this post or use the feedback link in the product itself. Now that the UI Builder t is ready for use I hope to be able to post more about what our teams have been working on, and also try to comment on some of the challenges we faced developing the UI Builder and some of the trade-offs we’ve made.

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