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Happy 2012 Blog of the Month, NI Community! You may have noticed that we missed December, so we made sure to start off the New Year with an exciting blog by a hobbyist working on a big project and utilizing LabVIEW.


The L-1011 Project


Curd Zechmeister's L-1011 Project is a blog documenting his venture into creating a replica of a Lockheed L-1011 cockpit. Earlier in life, his dreams of being a pilot went by the wayside, but recently he had the opportunity to take part in a flight simulation and decided that in order to recapture the experience, he would rebuild a cockpit of his own. The blogging project was started as a way to document this endeavor, as a reference while building, but also to reach out for suggestions and collaboration from any like minded hobbyists.




Curd takes a great interest in the combination of the mechanical devices and the computer equipment in this project. LabVIEW has been an integral part of his project as he uses it to drive the cockpit equipment that can be 30 or more years old. Before utilizing LabVIEW, he was writing complicated interface software that was simplified by LabVIEW's network integration.


In the future, we can look forward to seeing posts by Curd about several of the milestones in the project. We wish him all the best in getting a cockpit shell and look forward to seeing the pictures when he does! I would encourage you to check out his blog and interact with him as he is interested in suggestions and getting anybody involved that has an interest in doing so.