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VI Shots explores the world of virtual instrumentation (VI) through interactive media and informative posts. The unique blend of tutorials, podcasts, interviews and industry news creates a dynamic space which fosters collaborative idea conception and discovery within the LabVIEW user base.

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Michael Aivaliotis of JKI created the VI Shots site to highlight developments in virtual instrumentation and offer LabVIEW tutorials and podcasts. Aivaliotis is a LabVIEW Champion and Certified LabVIEW Architect who founded LAVA and serves as the lead developer of VI Package Manager.


VI Shots features audio podcasts every two weeks hosted by Aivaliotis. These podcasts feature interviews and discussions with leading members of the LabVIEW landscape. Additionally, Aivaliotis calls on his expertise in LabVIEW to help answer questions from the VI Shots audience. The video tutorials on the site offer engaging insights into enhancing the LabVIEW experience and spark discussion and discovery.


Be sure to check out VI Shots and join in the discussion about virtual instrumentation!


NI Community Members are constantly creating and sharing example programs that have widespread use cases. The goal of the Example Programs Blog is to capture some of the best code downloads and compile them in one easily navigable source for the whole community to browse.


Recent posts include highlights of great code submitted in the Code Madness: Example Program Challenge and a spotlight of an example program to build iPhone-like scrolling abilities on the LabVIEW front panel. Popular posts in the past have included a LabVIEW desktop stopwatch example, a LabVIEW space explorer game, and a program for composing songs in LabVIEW.


Be sure to check it out and join in the conversation about great new example programs!


iPhone-like Scrolling for LabVIEW Front Panel


Connect Four: Submission in Code Madness: Example Program Challenge



The LabVIEW Idea Exchange Blog features news and ideas relating to the LabVIEW Idea Exchange, a product feedback forum where NI R&D and users work together to submit ideas, collaborate on their development, and vote for the ones they like best.  Jeff Phillips, self-proclaimed LabVIEW "baller", spotlights new ideas presented on LabVIEW Idea Exchange and informs readers of changes or updates. Join in the conversation about new ideas in LabVIEW with this entertaining and informative blog.


LabVIEW Idea Exchange

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