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Congratulations to the October and November 2012 Blog of the Month, Let’s LabVIEW! Written by electronic engineer Bo Fu, the blog discusses specific LabVIEW tricks and tips as well as ideas about electronics and optics. It also highlights some work done by Bo Fu while being a research fellow at the University of Nottingham in the U.K. The blog has been active since July 2010 and it was written initially to help Bo remember the tricks, but has since become a communication outlet for others interested in LabVIEW. Some of Bo’s hobbies are optimizing LabVIEW code and drawing all the comics that are found in Let’s LabVIEW.

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 4.54.41 PM.png

Make sure to check out the blog content and all the drawings as well! Congrats Bo!


The LabVIEW Field Journal is written by NI's Field Architects: Charlie Knapp, Nancy Hollenback, and Brian Powell. These veteran members of NI's team have many years of LabVIEW experience in addition to being active NI Community members.

LabVIEW Field Journal image.jpg

In their roles as Field Architects, they work with some of NI's top LabVIEW customers to help bridge the NI relationship from just a “vendor” to a technical “partner.” The blog tackles some of the difficult issues faced by customers, and is honest with customers about things that work well and things that don’t. The authors encourage participation on the blog with comments and occasional guest blog posts from other technical leaders in the community.


Curiosity and an aptitude for graphical programming are traits that will serve you well as you read through and comment on the blog posts for Where in LabVIEW? The blog showcases NI LabVIEW functions you may have never come across while programming.


where in LabVIEW blue.png


Grant Heimbach,a LabVIEW product marketing engineer, created the interactive blog in an effort to help graphical programmers “-strengthen [their] graphical skills by identifying [virtual instruments] VIs by just their images. Hopefully [they] will know some of them and will have fun looking for the ones that [they] don't.”


Each entry starts with a signature title, “Where in LabVIEW Can You Find....” followed by an image of an unknown VI. It is up to you to discover what the LabVIEW function is.


Fortunately, you can check back on the blog to find a complete post where Heimbach reveals the LabVIEW function and provides an explanation on why you would use it.


Submit your guess for this unidentified LabVIEW function


Read the full description of this LabVIEW function, Wait On Notification From Multiple With Notifier History


If you use LabVIEW to develop large, complex applications, this group is for you. Since 2008, this group has been active in sharing engineering best practices and ideas among its membership.


LabVIEW LargeApp Community.png


Central to this group is the LabVIEW for Large Application Development blog, written by LabVIEW Product Manager, Elijah Kerry. Elijah uses the blog to work with customers developing large LabVIEW applications to incorporate software engineering and configuration management best practices and tools to ensure the quality and reliability of their applications.


Here are some of the most viewed blog posts:




Here are other great documents you can find in the group:


NI Community Members are constantly creating and sharing example programs that have widespread use cases. The goal of the Example Programs Blog is to capture some of the best code downloads and compile them in one easily navigable source for the whole community to browse.


Recent posts include highlights of great code submitted in the Code Madness: Example Program Challenge and a spotlight of an example program to build iPhone-like scrolling abilities on the LabVIEW front panel. Popular posts in the past have included a LabVIEW desktop stopwatch example, a LabVIEW space explorer game, and a program for composing songs in LabVIEW.


Be sure to check it out and join in the conversation about great new example programs!


iPhone-like Scrolling for LabVIEW Front Panel


Connect Four: Submission in Code Madness: Example Program Challenge



The LabVIEW Idea Exchange Blog features news and ideas relating to the LabVIEW Idea Exchange, a product feedback forum where NI R&D and users work together to submit ideas, collaborate on their development, and vote for the ones they like best.  Jeff Phillips, self-proclaimed LabVIEW "baller", spotlights new ideas presented on LabVIEW Idea Exchange and informs readers of changes or updates. Join in the conversation about new ideas in LabVIEW with this entertaining and informative blog.


LabVIEW Idea Exchange

Idea Exchange.jpg

Also, be sure to check out our recent posts on:


Sweet Apps

Large LabVIEW Application Development