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Gmail Gmail Lab came out with a new feature that helps you to suggest more people you might want to send an email to. When you send an email to a group of people, whether family, friends, or colleagues, it’s easy to forget someone if you don’t use an email distribution list. You’d have to enter each individual name in the To: field, if you remember every person you want to send the email to.

The “Suggest More Recipients” feature remembers your emailing pattern and suggests names/emails as you enter the To: field. Clicking on the suggested name(s) adds the contact(s) to the To: field automatically. 

Suggest Email Recipients

What a brilliant and useful feature! I often send emails to multiple recipients and am always trying to remember who I’m forgetting. With this feature, Gmail helps you to remember the people you might want to include in the emailing list. It’ll be so much easier sending emails to multiple recipients from now on!

To enable this feature, go to the Labs tab under Settings in Gmail. Scroll down the list to find and enable the Suggest More Recipients feature.

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