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FTC 2013-2014

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Welcome to the National Instruments Community for the FIRST Tech Challenge! This space is designed to provide information to help prepare teams to program and compete with LabVIEW. Let us know what kind of content and help you want to see on this page.


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Gear Up for FTC 2013

1. Install everything you need with the LV FTC Software Setup Guide

2. Train programming with FTC Training Materials

3. Connect with other teams via NI FTC discussion Forums

Enable Training Webinars

Make sure to watch the Enable Training Webinars HERE!
Each webinar is a 1 hour guided session that will teach you about different parts of LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS and the FTC game play.


Webinar Topics

1. Getting Started with LVLM and LEGO NXT

2. LVLM programming for aensors and motors

3. Samantha Module, FCS Software, FTC Functions

4. FTC Teleop/Autonomous Templates

5. Intermediate LabVIEW Skills

6. LabVIEW Advanced Architectures Part I

7. LabVIEW Advanced Architectures Part II

8. SubVIs and Autonomous Code