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Do you have example code? Share it with the community for your chance to win an iPad! You can submit your entries from October 1 to 17. Read the rules, ask questions, and submit your entries in the LabVIEW Example Code Contest 2010 Group




NI Code Exchange

Posted by Deirdre Walsh Sep 16, 2009

The NI Code Exchange is a new portal that let's you download and share example programs, instrument drivers and other software IP for LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI and Measurement Studio. It will help you get up and running quickly with new projects or help you finish a task using the latest VIs.

Visit to start downloading the latest from NI engineers and fellow community members.


NIWeek Online

Posted by Deirdre Walsh Aug 7, 2009

Did you miss the NIWeek action?  Visit the NIWeek online community, where you can watch videos of the coolest demos, download new code, and network with other developers.


Raindrop VI

Posted by Deirdre Walsh Jan 22, 2009

Raindrop VI.png

NI engineer Christian Lowe created this simple and fun VI that simulats rain drops rippling across a surface wherever the mouse is clicked.  Download it today!


This example VI is a variant on the old Tic Tac Toe game and includes low level computer intelligence to allow you to play against yourself or a friend.


Download this flight simulator VI library from community member Torbjorn Tjellden. His code is based on his 3D-script viewer, which has three inputs: the script with leaves and variable names, the definition of leaves, and the variable array.  For the airplane, those variables control the wing, flaps, roll, etc.  Torbjorn is currently working on an editor for the landscape and additional features.  Visit this wiki collaborate on his code, comment on the functionality, or just have some fun.


LabVIEW - Snap to It

Posted by Deirdre Walsh May 2, 2008

  Download Mark Ridgley's SnapToPanel VI, which allows LabVIEW developers to position a target VI window relative to a reference VI window. Click here to get the code or comment on the functionality. 



Check out this cool YouTube video from NI AE Evan Dozier. He found an old robotic arm with a broken controller and revamped it using NI hardware, LabVIEW and the Nintendo Wiimote.  Evan uses special Bluetooth LabVIEW VIs to control the robot. 


Visit the VI Roadshow  video blog for more zany applications.


Check out this advice from the newest LabVIEW Champion Yair Neeman (aka TST):



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Almost everyone using LabVIEW understands that a wire carries its data type as well as its data. What many people do not seem to know is that there is an easy interface to view the data type (other than the color and shape of the wire, which are only indicative up to a certain level). This interface is the context help window, most easily opened by pressing Ctrl+H or clicking the yellow question mark near the VI's icon.  Look at the following image. See how hovering the cursor over different wires shows the information about the wire. This information includes the type and name of the wire. The name is determined by the source of the data.