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Actor Framework, LV 2011 revision (version 3.0.7)

Created on: Sep 23, 2011 4:26 PM by AristosQueue - Last Modified:  Mar 1, 2012 5:22 PM by AristosQueue

This is a major upgrade for the Actor Framework, introduced at NI Week 2010 and again at NI Week 2011. This 3.0 release breaks backward compatibility with the earlier releases. Many thanks to the users whose suggestions contributed to the considerable improvement in this latest revision. Major changes:


* Conpane of Actor is much simpler and less error prone.

* System now backed by a priority queue, enabling emergency stop to be implmented cleanly.

* Error handling changed. Callee actors now have more control over the errors that they propagate to their callers. Caller actors now have more choice in how to respond to errors from callees.

* Actor's own queue and its caller's queue are now packaged inside the actor object, making conpane considerably less complicated and making it easier for any method to send a reply to the caller.


This revision essentially achieves all the goals that we had laid out for the Actor Framework running in a single process. We expect any further changes to remain backward compatible with this revision as long as the AF remains a single-process architecture. When we begin introducing actors that can exist across the network from each other, we believe that those changes can be made fully backward compatible. In any case, this is the version we expect to maintain for quite a while to come.


The Actor Framework white paper is also newly revised. You can find it here.


[EDIT] Version posted. It includes a small tweak: on the diagram of Launch, I changed the 0xC8 constant to 0xC0, which makes this version of the framework compatible with the upcoming release of LabVIEW 2012. The 0xC8 setting should have returned an error in LV 2011 but did not. In LV 2012, it actually does return an error.

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