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NeuroSky LabVIEW Driver

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Created on: Dec 7, 2011 3:11 PM by Andy-K - Last Modified:  Mar 27, 2012 6:51 PM by Andy-K

NeuroSky Brain Computer Interface

NeuroSky is a company that develops low cost easy to use ASICs for acquiring electroencephalography (EEG) from users through a wireless headset.  NeuroSky has several headsets for sale featuring their ThinkGear chip acquiring EEG through a dry sensor electrode.  The major advantage of the dry sensor is the time it takes to set up. Traditional gel bases EEGs can take up to 30 minutes to start acquiring data while the NeuroSky headsets are ready to go in seconds.  The disadvantage to the dry sensor electrodes is an increase in the impedance contact the sensor has with the scalp.  This can cause low amplitude signals to not be fully represented in the acquired data.


LabVIEW - NeuroSky Driver

A LabVIEW - NeuroSky Driver has been developed that allows users to easily acquire data and access the full functionality of the system level driver provided by NeuroSky. NeuroSky provides a dynamic linked library (DLL) with a set of functions written in C that access the virtual com port that runs with the headset.  Instead of accessing the specific DLL functions, LabVIEW users can now use the LabVIEW - NeuroSky Driver to easily access data from the NeuroSky driver in minutes.  The LabVIEW - NeuroSky Driver also includes examples for basic acquisition as well as some advanced functionality of the driver.


Software required:

  • LabVIEW 2010 or above
  • VI Package Manager by JKI
  • LabVIEW - NeuroSky Driver for LabVIEW (attached to this document)
  • NeuroSky driver included with the headset

Supported Hardware

  • The MindWave headset is the only headset that has been tested with the driver.



Installation instructions:
  1. Follow the directions for installing the NeuroSky driver (included with the headset)
  2. Install VI package manager if not already installed
  3. Install the LabVIEW - NeuroSky Driver linked to this document


You should now have access to the NeuroSky functions pallet on the block diagram as well as several examples available through the example finder.  (Help » Find Examples, click the Directory Structure radial button and reference the NeuroSky folder)


The attached VI demonstrates the basic functionality capable with the NeuroSky driver.

NeuroSky Demo.png

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