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Sync DSA, SC Express, and MultifunctionDAQ Card in One PXIe Chassis Using Channel Expansion

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Created on: Dec 12, 2011 11:46 AM by lis@jiang - Last Modified:  Feb 21, 2013 9:15 PM by Tommy_G


This code synchronizes DSA, SC Express, and a Multifunction DAQ cards in one PXIe chassis.  The DSA and SC Express card are synchronized using channel expansion, and the DAQ task is synchronized using Master/Slave synchronization.




This example VI perfoms the following steps:

  1. The VI initializes a session to the DSA, SC Express and Multifunction DAQ Card.
  2. Then configures the different module, and puts the DSA and SC Express in the same task thus synchronizing their acquisitions.
  3. We set the DSA and SC Express task as the master task and export its sample clock to the Multifunction DAQ card in order to synchronize the acquisition with the DSA and SC Express cards.
  4. The VI starts the acquisition then reads the data and displays it on one graph. 



Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Download and open the example VI
  2. Configure the following settings for the DSA card:
    • Physical Channel
    • Minimum and Maximum Value
  3. Configure the following settings for the Multifunction DAQ card:
    • Physical Channel
    • Minimum and Maximum Value
  4. Configure the following for the SC Express card:
    • Physical Channels
    • Minimum and Maximum Value
    • Bridge Information
  5. Configure the Timing Parameters
  6. Run the VI




Requirements to Run


LabVIEW 2011 or Later



NI DSA and Multifunction DAQ Cards (hybrid compatible or PXIe Cards) and NI SC Express cards




Additional Images


Block Diagram


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