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UAV I2C Sensors On NI sbRIO9606 FPGA

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Created on: Aug 19, 2012 4:28 AM by RogerIsaksson - Last Modified:  Jan 27, 2016 8:20 AM by RogerIsaksson

Hi all UAV:ers,


I created a separate document/example code on how to interface typical I2C sensors used on UAV's. In this particular case it's using the FPGA of a NI sbRIO 9606 embedded platform for obtaining the sensor values (as well as writing and reading DIO and PWM).


This example also exist as a continously evolving example in the LabQT LGPL Open Source Library. And in the rioPilot GPL Open Source Library.


The sensors used are:


Sparkfun Sensor Stick IMU:

Sparkfun BMP085 Barometer & Temperature:

Eagle Tree Airspeed V3:





This code can be used with some suitable AHRS algorithms, this after a proper calibration of the sensors. For example see my other document:


(The orientation filter in action with the sbRIO 9606 and sensors outlined above)





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