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Array(Table) Background Colors based on Thresholds.

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Created on: Nov 5, 2012 4:22 AM by Jamie_J - Last Modified:  Nov 9, 2012 10:41 AM by Jamie_J

Hello Developers,


This VI generates a random set of data and formats into an array. This array is then passed into a table where the Background color of the cells is modified dependent on the individual cell's data value. This process is not achievable with Array Properties however is relatively simple using basic logic and Table Property Nodes; in particular ActiveCell and CellBGColor. Specific cells are indexed based on the iteration values from the For Loops.


This application could be easily adapted to operate on real-world data and alert a user of values outside the expected operating conditions e.g. Extreme Temperatures.


The Front Panel allows users to specify how these background colors are changed with two Threshold Controls: Upper Limit and Lower Limit.


Cells with a value less than or equal to the lower limit will be colored Blue, cells between Lower Limit and Upper Limit Green with finally values over the Upper Limit colored Red.



ArrayThresholding.png FP.JPG




1. Set your desired Rows and Columns for the generation of a random data set.


2. Set the Upper and Lower Limits for thresholding and then Run the VI.


3. Observe the array and table indicators populate with the random data set. Observe the Cell Backgrounds change color dependent on the value's relation to the specified thresholds.


Thank You.

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