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New Examples for FRC 2013

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Created on: Jan 3, 2013 8:33 PM by Kevin_F - Last Modified:  Aug 2, 2013 9:16 AM by Kevin_F

Some new examples attached:

1) Autonomous Config File

This example reads in a text file with a list of prescribed moves and executes them on the robot. The moves are controlled through a X Joystick Value, Y Joystick Value, Name, and Encoder Ticks in that order. The RobotMoves.txt file needs to be placed on the C: drive of the cRIO in order for this program to work.



2) PID Motor Speed

This example uses the Arcade Drive VIs and the PID toolkit to implement the PID control of Motor Speed. The PID gains and desired speed can be adjusted while the program is running.



3) PID Servo Position

This example uses PID control to adjust the position of the Camera using servos.



4) Rate Limited Motor Speed

This example implements a maximum rate of change for the speed of the robot. The user can set the maximum speed change for second and then set the desired speed and watch the current speed of the robot as it adjusts.


5) Vision Processing Dashboard

This example makes changes to the dashboard to include vision processing on the dashboard. The new dashboard allows you to isolate objects in an image based on red, green, and blue ranges you set. The dashboard includes both an image that shows the objects selected in red with a black background and an array of the objects' centers of mass, and areas. If you wish to use this project as your dashboard you will need to build it into an executable and place it in the proper directory as explained in the FRC 2013 Advanced Training which can be found here, .

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