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NI roboRIO Details and Specifications

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Created on: Jul 31, 2013 8:31 PM by Hueter - Last Modified:  Apr 22, 2014 10:41 AM by Hueter

Introducing the NI roboRIO the next generation in student robotics controllers. This device is designed specifically with FIRST in mind. It's more powerful, lighter, and smaller than the previous cRIO. This new controller will give FRC teams unmatched power starting in the FRC 2015 season.

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Will roboRIO support other programming languages?

Yes, it will have the same language support as the current cRIO: LabVIEW, Java, and C++.

When can we purchase a spare roboRIO?

All FRC Teams will get a roboRIO in the Kit of Parts at Kick Off 2015. Teams can purchase a spare roboRIO starting in December 2014 for <$450 (pricing not yet finalized).

How is roboRIO different from myRIO?

Both devices use the Xilinx Zynq chipset (processor + FPGA) and use a lot of the same architecture. roboRIO has connectors and I/O specific for use in FIRST (e.g. CAN and PWM connectors), while the myRIO uses generic screw terminals for all I/O. The software experience will also differ between the devices initialy since the roboRIO will require the FRC Suite. The roboRIO is also designed to be more rugged so that it can servive multiple FRC seasons through features such as conformal coating and extra short protection.

Can non FRC Teams purchase a roboRIO?

The first run of units will be made exclusivly for FRC 2015. However, we are considering a non-FIRST price point for universities or companies interested in purchasing the device




Custom Electronics Port (MXP)

Create your own custom electronics board for any extra inputs and outputs for your system.

All the PWM lines listed below can also be used as a simple DIO.

! Idea: Have an awesome idea for a custom Expansion Board, that would be useful for many teams? Create one and use tools like Kickstarter to share your work with other teams! We'll be releasing a full MXP developers kit before kick off with everything you need to make your own MXP Board


roboRIO MXP Pinouts

roboRIO Pin Out.png

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