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Achieve Faster Analog Input Sampling Rate with LabVIEW WSN

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Created on: Aug 24, 2009 10:54 AM by A_Person - Last Modified:  Aug 27, 2009 11:47 AM by A_Person



As discussed in the LabVIEW WSN Pioneer Performance Benchmarks paper, it is possible to program the NI WSN-3202 Analog Input Node to sample data at a faster rate than benchmarked for a short period of time.  Although not all of the data can be sent back to the host in such a short time, performing a burst acquisition like this could be used for averaging, thresholding, or selectively sampling at a high rate.  During testing, sample rates of around 190 samples/second were achieved for a single channel.



Steps to Complete

In order to achieve the fastest possible analog input sampling rate, the sensor power for that channel must be set to always on.  This decreases the time taken for voltages to settle on the hardware and allows for faster sampling.


Once this configuration is set, take the desired number of samples in a for loop.  After the data is acquired, change the value for sensor power and take one additional sample.  View the sample case of the node VI in the figure below.

Analog Burst Acquisition.png



Additional Notes

As can be seen from the example, the last step of the sample case is to take one extra sample from the analog input.  The purpose of this is to finalize the sensor power setting configured in the previous sequence structure step.  The new setting will not be permanent on the node until a sample is taken on the configured channel.


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