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Welcome to the NI Circuit Design Community

Welcome to the NI Circuit Design Community - a community and blog for NI Multisim users. This community is a forum for engineers, educators and students to share custom components, models and footprints, and collaborate with fellow circuit designers around the world. Join the group to get automatic updates from our circuit design blog.

Owned by: Campbell_B Mahmoud_W GarretF Fernando_D nestor Bhavesh

Tags: simulation, multisim, circuit, electronics, ultiboard, blog, design, ni, patterns, spice, workbench, prototype, pcb, components, models, footprints, land

Group Type: Members Only

Created: Feb 9, 2009

Custom Simulation Analyses

Download custom Multisim analyses at the Multisim Custom Simulation Analyses and Instruments Community

Getting Started

New to circuit design? The following resources step you thorugh the fundamental stages of prototyping.


  1. Capture and simulate
  2. Create a custom component
  3. Transfer to layout
  4. Routing a design
  5. Create a custom landpattern
  6. Complete design for fabrication
  7. Export to Gerber and NC drill
  8. Pre and post layout check-list


Use Multisim and Ultiboard to design with these resources.

Recent Blog Posts

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Hello Circuit Designers,


I wanted to let everyone know about some great work done by one of our interns from the University of Manchester working at National Instruments in the UK.  myBall & Beam is based on the classic ball balancing systems control using myRIO as the controller, Multisim for schematic design and Ultiboard for PCB layout.


ball and beam.jpg


myBall & Beam uses an IR sensor to continuously detect the ball's current position and a servo to control the tilt of the beam. This information is analyzed on the myRIO's embedded processor to provide feedback to the system. To check out the full project with schematics, PCB layout and code visit this location.


Ball and beam schematic.jpg


Campbell B


National Instruments


Hello Circuit Designers,


Are you going to DesignCon this year? Held on January 27-30 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California, DesignCon offers state-of-the-art design methodologies, applications and technologies for chip, board and systems design engineers. National Instruments will be exhibiting Multisim, VirtualBench and PXI systems. Check us out at Booth 507.




BTW, National Instruments is sponsoring the DesignCon Engineer of the Year 2015 award, which will be awarded on Wednesday January 28 at the show. The award includes a $10,000 grant that the winner can designate to his/her choice of institution of higher learning.


Campbell B


National Instruments


How to Share Content ...

This community has been created to help engineers, designers and students to collaborate freely on the internet, at a single location. Content that can be shared are reference designs, example circuits, and custom component symbols and landpatterns. To share content:


  1. Create your design with any custom design elements
  2. Select File > Save
  3. Save the file with the notation Design_Application_UserName.ms10 (e.g.Hardware_Connector_Jane.ms10)
  4. In the Collaborate section of the Circuit Design Community click on Create a Document
  5. Enter a Title with the notation, Manufacuturer_Device
  6. Enter a Description
  7. Click on Choose File to upload the schematic
  8. Enter Tags such as Multisim Reference Design
  9. Click on the Publish button


Please adhere to any copyright policy placed upon content being shared.

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