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First off, thanks to all those who submitted code, voted, and collaborated over the past couple of weeks.  The quality of code, detail in documentation, and general effort/excitement brought by all participants is a great testament to the knowledge, experience, and passion that is present in our Community.


The votes are in and here are the category winners:


DAQ: Error logger by Jonathon Green

File I/O: Regex Helper by Darin.K

Games: Othello - A demonstration of Inheritance in LVOOP by blawson

Math Analysis: Math Node A new way to do math in LabVIEW by Darin.K 
UI Controls: XGrapher - XControl Waveform Graph by shred444

VI Server/Scripting: LVOOP Assistant by Jonathon Green


Congratulations to all of our finalists!


And now...the Grand Champion and recepient of an iPad....


Jeff K was extremely impressed with all the finalists and had a difficult time choosing the Best in Code.  But in the end, Darin.K's Math Node a new way to do math in LabVIEW takes the title.  Utilizing scripting and Xnodes while integrating across multiple platforms (LaTex, MathML,etc.), Darin brings to us a new math tool that converts regular expressions into G code.



A few thoughts from the Father of LabVIEW, Jeff Kodosky -


I was delightfully surprised by the scope, creativity and quality of all the finalists' entries!  They exhibited nicely designed panels, well laid out and readable diagrams, good documentation and well done video demonstrations.  All these designs were clearly done by very knowledgeable and proficient LabVIEW users, and they deserve to be emulated by the larger LabVIEW community.  All of the finalists' entries should be broadly published and some could even be the basis of more extensive projects.  It was a tough decision to pick a single winner, but in the end, based on the scope of the project, the integration of a variety of technologies, the inspiration, potential impact and further development possibilities, not to mention overall "wow" factor, I had to go with the Math Node.  Congratulations Darin!  And congratulations and thanks to all the finalists.  It was a pleasure to get to review your work - Jeff


The NI Community is excited to name Darin as the 2010 LabVIEW Example Code Contest Grand Champion!  For more a detailed description, videos, and code download, please visit Darin's submission page.


The first NI Community LabVIEW Example Code Contest was a great success and we look forward to bringing even more challenges, competitions, and quests in 2011!



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