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A Commodore 64 emulator written in LabVIEW

Posted by Christian_Gindorf on Oct 20, 2009 7:24:20 AM

I wanted to share my C64 emulator I created in LabVIEW.


Why is somebody doing this?

That’s easy! For years I was wondering if it is complicated to emulate a processor or a whole computer platform.

So played around with the C64 roms I found on the web and a state machine in LabVIEW...


My goal was to make the C64 boot the Kernel and Rom so that I can write a little basic program like:



20 GOTO 10


It took me a couple of weeks to get that far. I found many helpful resources on the web and got a copy of the Commodore 64 programmer’s reference manual from a friend (thanks Tapio!).

I got a few games working on the emulation, for example Lode Runner, Centipede etc.




This example code shows how an emulator can be written in LabVIEW, although is not a complete C64 emulator.



This program emulates most parts of the famous Commodore 64 home computer.

You can use the build in BASIC and some program files (PRG), for example games

- 6510 CPU with almost all OpCodes

- VIC with almost all Screen modes, sprites, collision detection and IRQs

- Keyboard and Joystick input


These parts of the C64 are not yet implemented:

VIC: Extended background color mode, fine scrolling

CIA: Timers, Serial port

SID: The is so far no sound at all!

Floppy and Datasette are not implemented.


I attached the emulator. Download and unzip it, look for original C64 ROMs on the web and place them in the folder named ROMs.

They must be named: kernal.rom, basic.rom, char.rom


Run the MAIN VI and have fun!



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