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Another NI Week has come and gone, and it was another great success.  We set a high bar at NIWeek 2011 but the LabVIEW Tools Network team was quite busy this year and made it even better!  Here are the highlighs in case you missed out:


LabVIEW Tools Network Ships with LabVIEW 2012


Last year we were excited to announce that you could easily access the LabVIEW Tools Network directly from the LabVIEW Getting Started window.  This year, we have done one better and actually ship VI Package Manager 2012 with LabVIEW 2012.  This means without any additional downloads, you can access all your favorite LabVIEW Tools Network add-ons from right within the LabVIEW development environment!


Introducing the Jitter Benchmarking Framework for LabVIEW Real-Time

This year we have introduced our newest tool to help LabVIEW Tools Network developers, the Jitter Benchmarking Framework for LabVIEW Real-Time.  The Jitter Benchmarking Framework (JBF) for LabVIEW Real-Time provides users with an initial reference containing basic definitions of key concepts related to execution jitter on RT systems, explanations of common execution jitter sources, practical examples of execution jitter sources, and a testing framework complete with code templates for common execution jitter measurements on LabVIEW Real-Time systems.


If you are interested in learning more about this new tool, check out the JBF community for more information.


LabVIEW Tools Network Awards 2012


This year we had so many great new products released on the LabVIEW Tools Network.  However, 8 products stood out as the best of the best this year.  A run-down of this year's winners is available on our blog.


LabVIEW Champions vs LabVIEW Marketing Trivia Challenge


This year I was asked to join a few others in the LabVIEW Marketing team to take on 4 LabVIEW Champions in a LabVIEW trivia challenge.  Sadly, the LabVIEW Champions beat us again, but we were much closer this year only losing by 90 points!  Some more details and a picture can be found on the NIWeek 2012 blog.


5 LabVIEW Tools Network-Oriented Sessions


This year the LabVIEW Tools Network team gave 5 technical and marketing sessions   Many asked us for our session content after it was over, so here it is for you to use and share.


Build a LabVIEW Add-on with VI Package Manager (Hands-on) - by Stephen Roso

The LabVIEW Tools Network Awards Winners (Tech Theater) - by Will Schoettler

Explore Tools to Customize LabVIEW - by David Ladolcetta

Introduction to LabVIEW Scripting - by David Ladolcetta

Do Real-Time Right With the NI Jitter Benchmarking Framework - by Robert Des Rosier


I hope everyone had a great NI Week, and we hope to see you again next year!


Over 100 Certified Products and 1 Million Downloads

This year we also announced that the LabVIEW Tools Network has reached over 100 certified products and 1 million downloads!  Thanks to @vishots for the picture of our 2 story tall announcement at the Day 3 Keynote!





NIWeek is just around the corner! It'll be another week of great sessions and opportunities. Here are some sessions you don't want to miss:


TS8166 - Do Real-Time Right with the NI Jitter Benchmarking Framework

Robert Des Rosier, Partner Program Engineer, National Instruments

Troy Troshynski, Vice-President, Avionics Interface Technologies

One of the most important -- and often challenging -- aspects of any real-time system is the characterization of jitter.  In this session, learn how you can improve and document the performance of your real time system with the NI Jitter Benchmarking Framework for LabVIEW Real-Time. Using Avionics Interface Technologies as a case study, we will explore how this benchmarking helped them get an edge on their competition.


TS8526 - Introduction to LabVIEW Scripting

David Ladolcetta, Partner Program Engineer, National Instruments

Gain an introduction to programmatically creating, modifying, and inspecting G code. Familiarity with VI Server is recommended but not required.


TS8527: Hands-On: Build a VI Package with VI Package Manager

Stephen Roso, Partner Program Engineer, National Instruments


TS8528: Explore Tools to Customize LabVIEW

David Ladolcetta, Partner Program Engineer, National Instruments


LabVIEW Tools Network Awards


We are changing the re-certification process for the Compatible with LabVIEW program this year and I have a few deadlines for you to meet in order to be eligible for awards at NIWeek 2012!


As many of you know, the Compatible with LabVIEW program we rebuilt in 2009 requires a yearly review, or re-certification, by our engineers to ensure products are maintaining compatibility with the latest LabVIEW release.  We also use this yearly review to hit upon any tests or requirements we've added to the program during the course of the year -- in doing so, we hope to continue to add value by ensuring your products are up to date with new features and entry points in the LabVIEW platform.


Changes for Re-Certification

We are no longer expecting you to submit an application to trigger the re-certification process.  All products on the LabVIEW Tools Network will be re-certified by our engineers for each LabVIEW release and a report delivered to you for your Compatible with LabVIEW level.  If product updates are required, we expect you to submit an installer with updates identified in the re-certification report to maintain your status on the LabVIEW Tools Network.


*Note: If you intend to achieve a higher level in the Compatible with LabVIEW program, please fill out the Compatible with LabVIEW Application and include the customer references and CLD/CLA information required for the Silver and Gold levels.  Submitting an application will notify our team that you're requesting a product to be reviewed for a higher Compatible with LabVIEW level.  Please submit 2 customer references we can survey for the Silver level and a total of 5 customer references for the Gold level (if you're already certified for Silver, we need 3 additional customer references).


**Also Note: If you ever have an updated installer for the LabVIEW Tools Network, please send an email to with details for obtaining your new VI Package or installer and we will ensure your Tools Network product page is updated as soon as possible!


Important Dates

  • Compatible with LabVIEW recognition at NIWeek
    Partners who achieve either the Silver or Gold level during the previous calendar year are recognized with a plaque during the LabVIEW Tools Network Awards at NIWeek.  If you have not achieved a higher level this year and are interested in moving to the Silver or Gold level, the following deadline applies for notifying our team to have your product reviewed in time for NIWeek 2012:

    • May 15, 2012 -- Notify the LabVIEW Partner Program Team by this date if you intend to re-certify for a higher Compatible with LabVIEW level so we can prioritize your re-certification in time for NIWeek.  Use this application to submit a notification to our team and be sure to include the customer references required for your desired Compatible with LabVIEW Level:  (2 references for Silver, 5 references for Gold.  If you are moving from Silver to Gold, we need 3 additional references)

    • May 15, 2012 -- If you have not already registered for the LabVIEW 2012 Beta Program, you will also need to register in order to test your products in the new version and apply updates required to be compatible with the new version.  The beta application process is simple; go to to apply and enter '' as the email of the person who invited you.

    • June 30, 2012 -- Once you submit for re-certifying your product for Silver or Gold, the Compatible with LabVIEW process must then be completed by June 30 so the awards to be ordered in time for NIWeek.

  • LabVIEW Tools Network Awards
    The 2012 Tools Network Awards are now open for submission!


Contact Us

If you have questions or feedback, please contact the LabVIEW Partner Program team by sending us an email at


Submissions are now open for the 2012 LabVIEW Tools Network Awards!




Previously the LabVIEW Add-on of the Year Awards, the LabVIEW Tools Network Awards recognize top 3rd-party software products based on NI LabVIEW software and NI technology that are high quality, demonstrate excellent integration, and fill a business need.


The 2012 LabVIEW Tools Network Awards call for submissions is officially open - deadline to enter is June 1. NI leadership selects winners who are honored during a private awards luncheon at NIWeek on Tuesday, August 7th.


2012 LabVIEW Tools Network Award Categories:

  - Test
  - Embedded Monitoring & Control
  - VI Library
  - Platform Extension
  - Most Innovative
  - Community Choice



Submissions must be:

  1. The product must be based on NI technology and complementary to the LabVIEW platform.
  2. The product must meet the Compatible with LabVIEW guidelines. ( See Details )
  3. The product can be any of the following:
    Driver, toolkit, utility, software bridge interfacing LabVIEW to another software tool, set of UI controls, reuse library, code reference architecture/template, FPGA IP, or stand-alone application.
  4. The submission must be received by June 1, 2012


See last year's winners.


For questions, contact


> Nominate a Product Now <


NIWeek 2011 has come and gone and it was a great success.  The LabVIEW Partner Program and the LabVIEW Tools Network specifically had some great announcements, releases and events that made it one of our best NIWeeks ever!  Hopefully we'll be able to top it for NIWeek 2012.


LabVIEW Tools Network Directly in LabVIEW 2011!

In LabVIEW 2011, there is now a "Find LabVIEW Add-Ons" link directly on the Getting Started window.  Clicking this link will open the Tools Network View of VI Package manager which provides LabVIEW users with a direct entry point to download and install add-ons, toolkits and LabVIEW applications directly from within the product.  The new Tools Network View was a great hit at NIWeek and was mentioned in 2 keynote presentations and multiple technical sessions throughout the week.  Let's all work together to drive traffic of the LabVIEW Tools Network by trying each other's products from the new VIPM LabVIEW Tools Network View!


LVTN View.png


Third Party Licensing & Activation Toolkit 2011 and the Standard Licensing Mode

This week we also launched the newest version of the LabVIEW Third Party Licensing & Activation Toolkit 2011.  This was a major release with the introduction of the Standard Licensing Mode for a quick, easy and FREE way to license your LabVIEW Toolkit directly in LabVIEW.  More details can be found at


LabVIEW Add-On of the Year Awards 2011

The Add-on of the Year Awards was a huge success this year.  With over 75 partners and NI employees in attendance including the Father of LabVIEW himself, we were able to celebrate our 6 award winners, 7 Gold Products, 14 Silver Products and 17 Standard third party products.  More details can be found here


8 Partner-oriented Technical Sessions

The LabVIEW Partner Team gave 8 technical sessions specifically tailored for our add-on developers including "Create a Software Evaluation for your Product in 10 Minutes", "The Addressable Market for LabVIEW Add-ons", "Professionalize Your Add-on or App Best Practices: Documentation and Icons" and "Hands-On - How to Build a LabVIEW Add-on with VI Package Manager".  Great work team!


Over 75 products now available on the LabVIEW Tools Network and Counting!

There's not really any explanation needed for this one!  We just keep growing and growing.


Congratulations to the 2011 Add-on of the Year Award Winners! The Add-on of the Year Awards recognize top 3rd-party add-ons and apps based on LabVIEW. They have demonstrated high quality, excellent integration, and filling a key business need.


These awards were presented during the Add-on Developer Luncheon at NI Week 2011. It featured a recognition speech from Ray Almgren, VP of Marketing, Award Hand-off by NI Fellow and co-founder Jeff Kodosky, and the opportunity to network with various members of NI R&D and Marketing.


Please join us in congratulating these Product Partners for creating such top-notch products!


Test CIM Industrial SystemsFlexSTAND Operator Interface
Industrial and EmbeddedCal-Bay SystemsvibDaq
Community AddQ ConsultingG# Framework and StarUML Plug-in
VI LibraryJKIEasyXML
Platform ExtensionMentor GraphicsSystemVision conneXion