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LabVIEW for Life

Posted by Mackie Aug 2, 2011

Here at NI, it’s always exciting to hear about how NI LabVIEW software helps our customers innovate in robotics and gaming, but we are especially eager to share this week’s sweet app about LabVIEW making life-saving DNA research more possible. There are two basic steps in DNA sequencing – prepping the DNA sample and using a sequencer to detect the sample’s DNA sequence. Typically, DNA preparation is done manually and can be very time-consuming. The ability to automate this preparation process would significantly accelerate next-generation DNA sequencing.


Enter Life Technologies SoliD EZ Bead System, powered by LabVIEW. Faced with the challenge of mechanizing the DNA prep process, engineers at Life Technologies turned to the brilliant Certified LabVIEW Architects at JKI, an NI Certified Alliance Partner. Their team produced a flexible, extensible system that includes three bench-top instruments – an emulsifier, an amplifier, and an enricher. Together, these instruments make up the SoliD EZ Bead System, which prepares DNA-templated beads to be deposited onto glass slides. The system reduces sample production time by 80 percent, with less than one hour of hands-on time now required.



Using LabVIEW, Life Technologies engineers were able to shorten their development cycles and comply with an aggressive nine-month schedule. The SoliD EZ Bead System is just another example of how LabVIEW software helps engineers be more productive, and in this case…save lives!

>> Check out the full study here.

>> Do you work in biomedical engineering? Can you think of another area LabVIEW should pioneer in medical research? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!