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Welcome to the Volume License Agreement Community Group




The purpose of this community is keep you, the Volume License Manager (VLM) Administrator up to date on the Volume License Programs (VLP) offered by NI, find links to the latest online training, give insight to announcements about important upcoming online events, post helpful answers and publications with valuable Industry Insights.



Small groups, sites, or organizations with five or more licenses of an application software package can take advantage of NI’s VLP programs. Program members enjoy reduced total cost of ownership and streamlined asset management including access to technical support, software upgrades, training and valuable discounts.



As a member, you can:




If you need further help you can:

Volume License Manager 3.1

NI Volume License Manager 3.1 is the latest version of NI VLM. The tool is designed to help you save time performing common tasks and give your more insight into your volume license agreement.



Look at what VLM can do for you:

  • Gain insight into your Software Assets through reporting tools that show optimization and usage
  • Save time through automated wizards that make sending your log file easy.
  • Customize your VLM with groups to make the tool just right for you.


Download NI VLM 3.1 today and start taking advantage of these new features.


The following training can help get you started:

Getting Started with VLM

Local Events

Featured Resources

NI offers many resources for engineers and scientists including:

  • NI News - featuring developer resources, news, events, and training information

New resources:


>> NI Volume License Program Portal

>> NI Volume License Agreement Startup Kit

>> Ask an Engineer

>> FAQ's

Software Updates

As a Volume License Manager Administrator you are responsible for ensuring that software on your system is updated. Otherwise, it is always important to let your clients know about updates to NI Software.


Our software can experience a critical update, security update or a notification update.

  • Critical Updates are updates that resolve issues such as crashes, computational errors, math errors, or problems that could result in inaccurate data.
  • Security Updates are critical updates that address security issues.
  • Notifications are updates that resolve issues such as edit-time errors, software incompatibility and other minor bug fixes.


Here are some important links to help you stay up to date:

Critical and Security Updates

Other Updates/Notifications


For your clients, making updates to software is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Be sure your clients are connected to the internet.
  2. Navigate to the National Instruments Folder and open NI Update Service
  3. Install the updates and restart the software.


If your clients are unable to alter their software, there are ways you can help them.

  • Use Batch Installer Builder available via
  • NI also offers a sanctioned 3rd party tool called VI Package Manager by JKI
  • Use your existing deployment software to deploy the updates to clients.



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