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NI WSN Starter Kit

Includes everything you need to evaluate NI wireless sensor networks and LabVIEW.

Are you developing a wireless application?

New Technologies for Evaluation

WSN IO Variable (IOV) API


NI WSN gateways use the shared variable engine to publish analog and digital data from its WSN nodes to the network. This API will allow users to return analog and digital I/O data in bulk from a NI WSN without having to use network shared variables on the block diagram.


Wi-Fi DAQ Web Configuration Utility


This utility installs a web server on your NI WLS-9xxx or ENET-9xxx DAQ device from which you can manage your device and network settings without MAX or drivers installed.

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Community for Wireless Measurements and Applications

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Wireless Sensor Networks



WSN Example Code

Take a look at some of these LabVIEW examples for NI Wireless Sensor Networks:


Pass WSN Node Data through dual port cRIO - useful when adding wireless measurements to an existing CompactRIO system.  Just plug a WSN gateway into the second Ethernet port.


WSN Link Quality Logger - Determine the best locations for WSN nodes by logging their link quality in various places.


WSN I/O Variable (IOV) API - This API will allow users to return analog and digital I/O data in bulk from a NI WSN without having to use network shared variables on the block diagram.


WSN Demo:  Endurance Tester - This Event-based WSN example illustrates several features of the platform, including programmatic node detection and usage of the Digital I/O lines to perform applications in which you want to log data and check for pass/fail events.


Simple Digital Counter - Use the LabVIEW WSN Module to perform counting


Achieve faster analog sample rates with LV WSN - Use the LabVIEW WSN Module to sample upwards of 190Hz on a single channel.


Programmatic DIO and running average - Use the LabVIEW to perform some basic analysis and averaging on the node, in addition to DIO.

WSN Blog

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Oct 6, 2014 The Connected Car
Source: Telematics Update
Sep 3, 2014 CPS Week 2015
Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are complex engineering systems that rely on the integration of physical, computation, and communication processes to function. Theories, algorithms, systems and methodologies developed for CPS are the foundations for...
Aug 28, 2014 New UART to WIFI chipset will unleash low cost Internet of Things
WiFi infrastructure is everywhere which makes easier to make network of devices connected to WiFi. There is also great range of WIFI routers with different space coverage and speeds, and as they are mass produced product the prices are at the rock bottom...

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