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Sep 6, 2013 11:12 AM

Get Your Free 6-Month License of NI LabVIEW Student Edition

Hey guys,


I'm incredibly happy to announce that you can now download a renewable 6-month license of LabVIEW Student Edition for free.  For more details see this document.


Let us know what you think think!


-Sam K

LIFA Developer

  • Link doesn't work or I'd love to tell students about this offer.

  • the link does not work.

  • shamean88 Calculating status...

    I downloaded the mac version and it gave me an activation code. However, it downloaded the evaluation version that is supposed to end in 7 days. How do I use my activation code to activate it on my Mac? or is this offer only for windows?

  • Hey Shamean88,


    Unfortunately, this only works with Windows OS. You will have to bootcamp or Parallels or VMWare into Windows to take advantage of it. It is based off of our licensing technology which only works on Windows at this point. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • limeychiney Calculating status...

    Hi there. I'm a student and downloaded the 7 day trial version (extended to 45 days) late September, 2013 and starting using it before I saw the 6 month link that you've pointed to above. Despite getting the serial number and activation codes for the 6 month version, I'm still only allowed that 45 days. I've also downloaded the Mathscript module. As of today (43 days into it) the license window says:


    LABview Development System               Evaluation           2 day remaining

    Mathscript RT Module                            License             115 days remaining   


    What do I need to do to get the 6 months? Thanks for your help.



  • limeychiney Calculating status...

    Thanks, Sam. The license manager listed two versions:


    - Professional Development System which expires 11/8/13 (yet the status was "For evaluation only. Activation required for the licensed version.")

    - Student Edition which expires 3/1/14 (status: "Activated for this computer.").


    I deactivated the Student Edition, then reactivated via Wizard then got the same email from NI with my same serial # and activation codes.


    However, the license window no longer appears after launch so I don't see how many days are left before expiration so I can't be sure whether my deactivate/reactivate changed anything. After launching, only the splash window appears briefly and says "LABview Evaluation Version" (same as before I believe).


    I've looked in Tools>options to see if there's a checkbox to make the license window show on startup but I can't find it, though I'm notorious for missing the obvious). Any idea how to confirm which expiration is ruling here? I've actually got an exam in a few hours where we have to build yet to be specified VI. Luckily worst case is that expiration is tomorrow, so this exam won't be jeopardized (what horrible timing *that* would be).


    Again, thanks for your help. I realize the Student Version is only $20 and I do plan to pony up after the evaluation, but if I'm having this problem now, I can't be sure I won't have it trying to activate the Student Version. I called a NI rep who told me I would either have to try an uninstall/reinstall or use a different machine to get the 6 month evaluation because I've already installed the 7-day/45-day version on my machine and that "sometimes the licensing server only allows one evaluation per machine". Which happens to be my only machine so unfortunately that doesn't help. Would be a drag to uninstall and reinstall the app plus updates, drivers, modules etc only to find I'm still expired.


    fwiw, I took snap shots of the license manager after deactivate/activate.



  • limeychiney Calculating status...

    Hey Sammy. Today is the day after the 45 day version and Labview starts up no problem so it looks like I'm good for the 6 month version. Many thanks for your help. Least I can do is give you some feedback


    So far, really positive. Labview is pleasantly stable, and as I get more comfortable with it,  I'm starting to appreciate its power & flexibility. I admit I'm not much of a programmer (couple C++ classes, bit of Python here and there) and I've never "taken" to hand-coding  beyond what's required to get a job or assignment done. I've mostly used GUIs for  work (I'm an ex graphics/fx person - Photoshop, After Effects, Flash etc). So for me, LV is much easier to use.


    Our class has been learning Labview by creating VIs to control Printrbot Jr's. Lots of fun. End of term projects in our class include a lie detector, beer brewing rig, RC car, theremin, target-tracking rifle rig and hand-writing machine. Looks like most people will be controlling their projects using Labview and either 6008/6009 DAQs or Arduinos. Our expectations at this stage of learning are realistic though, but only because of our own limitations.


    In any case, thanks for making LV a free 6 month version. It gives us time to really get into it.


    One additional comment. About a quarter of the class are normally Mac users (myself included) and were lamenting no Mac 6 month eval. We've either dug up a Windows laptop or are only using the lab machines. Are you planning a 6 mo version for the Mac?

  • Joel777 Calculating status...

    You call it a "renewable 6-month license", and the document you linked says "Note. If you still meet the requirements stated above, you may request a subsequent license after the previous license expires." and yet some of the later posts seem to imply that this is just a 6-month license.  Can you please help me understand?  Is this a 6-month free license that may be later replaced by another 6-month free license, and another, and another, as long as the students are still in school?

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