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If you are a constant lurker of the Idea Exchange as I am then you probably have been noticing a lot of ideas having their statuses updated. This new activity is because of a new internal process we are putting in place at National Instruments. This new process will more efficiently get responses to your submitted ideas. With the growing acceptance of the Idea Exchange as a communication line with R&D, we needed to find something that will provide that real-time feedback for ideas and is scalable.


The new system has a task force of senior R&D people helping to evaluate the ever growing number of middle range ideas. The ideas with a mid-range kudos level needed attention because this was the fastest growing section. The ideas with the most amount of kudos are already looked at once a year by top level R&D and key decision makers to determine which of the top community voted ideas should be develop for the product. The bottom ideas aren't as critical at the moment because the good ones will start to get votes and rise from the bottom. The issue was that the ideas in the middle ground were good ideas but they didn't have the same advantage of being decided on like the top ideas. This new process will hopefully start to push some of these ideas into decision maker hands so we can decide if an idea is plausible or if it doesn't really match up technically or strategically. If the idea is plausible then we can let it go back into the Idea Exchange and the community (that's you) can vote on the best of them. Eventually, I would like to see the ideas that show up in the "New" category Idea Exchange to reflect ideas that NI has looked at and think are plausible but are waiting on the community to tell us which one is most important to them. If you have any questions about the internal processes with the Idea Exchange, please post in the comments section and I will address them as they come in. Thanks and keep the great ideas coming!


*Grant's Favorite Idea This Week That's Under 100 Kudos*


A Universal Conversion Bullet by altenbach


I am all about reducing palatte size to make it easier to navigate in LabVIEW and altenbach's idea does just that. The Universal Conversion Bullet idea takes this to heart by stating that most of the numeric conversion VIs could be encompassed into on polymorphic VI that does them all. As long as the universal approach wouldn't have any performance hits over the conversion primatives there wouldn't be any VI upgrade issues then I would definitely be on board with this idea.