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Consider the VI shown below.  The Event Structure has only the single case shown.  The Control 'stop' has two states, TRUE Boolean Controls Latch ON State.pngand FALSEBoolean Controls Latch OFF State.pngand the initial value of FALSE.


Boolean Controls Latch.png


The user runs the VI and performs a single left mouse click and release on the 'stop' control.  Which of the following might the Mechanical Action of the 'stop' control be set to for 'stop' to automatically return to FALSE following the left click and release.


NOTE: Mutilple answers may apply.


a) Switch While Pressed

b) Switch While Released

c) Switch Until Released

d) Latch While Pressed

e) Latch While Released

f) Latch Until Released


It has been suggested (thanks David) that a CLAD Coding Challenge (maybe weekly or twice monthly) might be a nice addition to The Daily CLAD.   I am imaging that I or a guest would post a set of requirements, similar but simpler than the LabVIEW Coding Challenges you see at NI Week, and people can comment with snippets of their solutions.  I think it is a great idea that will likely generate some good discussion, allow people to see how others approach problems and also the various benefits of one solution over another. 


Before going full steaming ahead though I thought I would open it up to the floor and see what others think?




dear frd,

i have the task for to coontrol the many boolean control at one time .if i press only one boolean button at one it give a some data show option ...anyone plzzz hlep me


Hi Everyone


I Have Keithley 2401 source meter, i am first time user of this instrument.I have downloaded Labview student version software however the drivers of the instrument i am unable to unzip the drivers.I also want to know how can one do Voltage and Current (VI) test of Electrostatic discharge surge arrester using Labview software


Hello everyone. I am new in fpga programming. i have one question. i will be thankful if anyone give anser of this.

In FPGA VI, How to determine minimum element size of DMA queues and VI defined queue ?


Which of the following is TRUE about using the Breakpoint Manager in LabVIEW 8.6 - LabVIEW 2016?


NOTE:  Multiple answers may apply.


a) The Breakpoint Manager displays all breakpoints set in any VI in the current project

b) Double clicking on a breakpoint listed in the Breakpoint Manager opens the VI containing the breakpoint

c) The Breakpoint Manager allows the user to Enable, Disable and Delete breakpoints

d) The Breakpoint Manager allows the user to select all breakpoints set in any VI that is currently in memory and delete them


Which of the following is TRUE about displaying the Breakpoint Manager in LabVIEW 8.6 - LabVIEW 2016?


NOTE:  Multiple answers may apply.


a) You can display the Breakpoint Manager from the View menu of a Project

b) You can display the Breakpoint Manager from the View menu of a VI

c) You can display the Breakpoint Manager from the right click menu of a While Loop

d) You can display the Breakpoint Manager from the Context Help window


Bên mình đang cung cấp van điện từ giá rẻ.

Dùng cho tất cả đường ống từ phi 13 đến phi 300.

Sản phẩm nhập khẩu của Đài Loan.

Hãng sản xuất: Uni-D, Round Star, STNC,...

Giá tốt nhất thị trường.


Feedback Nodes in The Daily CLAD

Posted by SercoSteveB Aug 21, 2016

What is Numeric Value Out following execution of the VI?


Feedback Nodes 19_08_2016.png


a) 0

b) 9

c) 18

d) 27


Hello Chums,

I had a delightful time in Texas, then back for a week of work (mostly fitting stuff to ships) and then off for a weeks vacation. My brain really needed a rest!

Saturday was a trip to Dallas with Jonny and much amusement was had starting off with a top-notch breakfast at Ellens Southern Kitchen highly recommended!

At the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill I ordered the vegetarian choice of Stuffed Peppers, only to find out they were stuff with pulled-pork!

Sunday I was the guest of the Smiths and had a grand time looking round the hill country and caves, my thanks for their time it was a good time!.


Coming from the UK I love big horizons and here we see the Kitty-Litter Castle in the hill country above Austin.


And then NIWeek stuff starts on Sunday night with drinks at the Ginger Man, great staff, beer and rubbish dartboards. It is here I discovered that great cider is made in Texas. Namely Austin Eastciders Original Dry Cider, after discovering this the week was a bit of a blur.

I'll admit this now, I deliberately limited myself, being an introvert I find crowds of people very trying, the good thing about Austin Convention Center is that it is so enormous you can always find some alone time. If I didn't get to the session I wanted to it was because I was lost, talking, in a meeting or resting my brain. Also we stayed in the Hilton, this was very handy for ducking out for a breather.

Monday was the Alliance Day and after the trauma of the keynote (I DON'T DO GROUP ACTIVITIES!!!!!!!!), it passed by nicely. Various kick-off drinks etc happened in the evening and people kept giving me name stickers to fill in, even approaching my fiftieth year I find it difficult to write my name sensibly on a label. So if you met a loud idiot with MEGATRON on his label, I'm afraid that was me. I got to sit on a table with Darren, Stephen and finally met Christina and think I enjoyed your company more than the other way round.

Tuesday was all business, lots of meetings and I think they went OK. Thanks to all for organizing them. Then I wandered down to the LAVA BBQ via the Mohawk (a bar I like very much, old punks seem welcome there).

Wednesday My presentations. Sadly TS9044 - Shock Test Using Multiple Synchronized Racks had stiff competition by Jeff Kodosky and Stephen Mercer in the room next door. Therefore there was plenty of spare seating in this one, there was a lot of NI people in attendance and that was perfect tho', they were actually my target audience (more on this in my next article).

In the afternoon came ISO 9000 and LabVIEW - TS9456 and this benefited from being a Jeff Kodosky Top Pick, I fact I was unaware of until after the affect. Honored!


An honor I shared with TS9446 - Project Templates: Making the Most of Code Reuse by Becky Linton, which I am waiting impatiently for on video.

This vindicates the somewhat uphill struggle I feel it is when talking process in the LabVIEW community versus talking technique. Another plus-point is that the interest in code reviews seems to be increasing, the session on this was extremely well subscribed.


Anyhow here's my presentation.

Q1 32:43 - Dmitry - Is it all internally driven or do you integrate customer processes too

Q2a 34:07 - Fab - As a relaxed person how do you make everyone agree on a processes and then stick to them.

Q2b 35:10 - Fab - When you get audited you can feel that you have to have very time consuming processes, this appears to be more minimal

Q2c 35:45 - Fab - Is it true that we sailed through our accreditation with nothing but a well done chaps. Thanks Fab

Q3 36:08 - Does this process apply to everything, internal and external.

Q4 37:48 - Did the ISO9000 accreditation change your process or did you get something value added by doing this work.

Q5 41:20 - How many times are you audited?

Q6 42:55 - Merging - how does your process handle merging.

Q7 44:10 - Michael (I Think)- Can you elaborate on the sub-contract model


Hope it is of use. I've had some nice feedback on it. I'm going to list the questions as soon as I get a free moment.


The best thing about presenting at NIWeek is the quality of attendee. I had attendees from USAF, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, a lot of military research, SpaceX, research from various countries. As a platform for putting yourself in-front of quality companies it's second to none.


I missed a lot of the other sessions because I was either nervous about presenting or really relieved at having presented. Although I did go to TS9723 - DQMH: Decisions Behind the Design and witnessed some ugly trolling behavior from people/person who were not there to learn, but to criticize. My response would have been very much less professional than the presenters, something along the lines of "Fxxx Off and get a life". If you don't want to use it, don't use it. Sorry it's the first time I've run directly into this type of behaviour and I feel protective of people who share code and ideas.


Thursday Seriously relaxed now, so I went to see TS9725 - Understanding Test System Performance and in the evening went to Pete's Duelling Piano Bar with a group led by the wonderful Jeremy Marquis who's where's Where is Jeremy now? twitter feed thoughtfully ensures you need never be alone at NIWeek. His lovely wife Rozann also ensures that not idea is never left unlistened to. I love live music and thought I might hate the experience of Duelling pianos, but it was amazing! At midnight I found myself sat in a leather armchair listening to Industrial dance music and drinking tequila. Austin is fun!


Friday flight home. Club World is very nice, thanks for the upgrade!


Now I just need a Return on Investment to justify more trips ($6000 to get back)


Lots of love



Hallo liebe AlumNI,


die NI WorldClass hat vom 18.-23.Juli stattgefunden und war ein großer Erfolg. Wir hatten vier tolle Teams in München, die sich wacker der gegebenen Robotik-Aufgabe gestellt haben: Das Ziel war es herauszufinden, wer man selber ist und dann das passende Zuhause zu finden. Die Roboter und die Homebases waren dabei mit Symbolen markiert. Somit mussten verschiedene Algorithmen zu Vision, autonomes Fahren und Strategien entwickelt werden.




Team Tech No Logic konnte dabei den Sieg einheimsen und brachte als erstes Team den Roboter ins Ziel. Aber auch die anderen Teams konnten mit beeindruckender Performance aufwarten: von einem walzertanzenden bis zu kampferprobten Roboter war dieses Jahr alles mit dabei. Die Teams erlebten Höhen und Tiefen, mussten planen, programmieren, designen, debuggen und präsentieren. Am Ende waren sich alle einig: das Zeitinvestment für eine spannende Woche, mit viel Technik und Teamwork hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt.

So fand Philipp, dass er unglaublich viel gelernt hat und durch die Organisation und der tollen Truppe die NI WorldClass eine richtige gute Erfahrung wurde. Aber macht euch am besten selbst ein Bild davon. Hier findet ihr das Video der NI WorldClass 2016:


Mit diesen Bildern kann das Wochenende kommen! Genießt es!

Eure Ramona


Value Changed Event in The Daily CLAD

Posted by SercoSteveB Aug 18, 2016

Assuming initial values for Boolean 1, Boolean 2 and Boolean 3 of FALSE.  If the user runs the VI and then performs a left mouse click on Boolean 2 that fires the Value Change event shown in the snippet, what value is passed to Numeric Value Out?


NOTE:  There are no hidden cases in the Event Structure.


Value Changed Event 18_08_2016.png


a) 0

b) 1

c) 2

d) 4


Tab Control - Programmatic Colouring 18_08_2016.PNG

Consider the VI in the top half of the image and the possible answers to the question in the lower half.  How is Tab Control coloured following execution of the VI?


Tab Control - Accessing Pages 17_08_2016.PNG

What are the contents of Array Out following execution of the VI shown?


a) <empty array>

b) {Steve}

c) {Steve,Likes}

d) {Steve,Likes,LabVIEW}


WRO is in its 2nd and last year of the Robot Bowler ARC. I understand NI is in the process of developing the 2017 ARC with WRO. Anyone care to comment on the current level of ARC development?